Tulip Garden

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A mesmerizing gift wrap of winter tulip blooms that will enchant your loved ones. Delicate and vibrant, these flowers are a true symbol of elegance and grace. Available exclusively in Perth during the cooler climate, our Tulip Garden comes in a captivating range of colors including pink, yellow, and orange, adding a touch of warmth to any space. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to brighten someone’s day, this exquisite arrangement will surely leave a lasting impression.  Embrace the enchantment of these exquisite flowers and let them create lasting memories in the hearts of those you cherish.



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To ensure the utmost freshness and quality, our Tulip Garden is carefully handpicked by our expert florists, who are dedicated to curating the most breathtaking arrangements. Each stem is meticulously inspected and selected, guaranteeing that only the finest and healthiest flowers make it into your Flower bouquet. As you unwrap the Tulip Garden, you will be captivated by the intoxicating scent that fills the air. The layers of delicate petals create an enchanting sight, resembling a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. The velvety texture of each bloom adds a luxurious touch, making this gift truly extraordinary.

Tulips as a powerful symbol of emotions

The vibrant pink tulips symbolize affection and admiration, making them a perfect choice to express your love and appreciation for someone special. The cheerful yellow tulips are a symbol of friendship and joy, making them a delightful gift to bring sunshine into someone’s life. The radiant orange tulips are a representation of enthusiasm and energy, making them an ideal gift to uplift spirits and provide encouragement.

Perfect for all occasions

Whether it’s a token of love, a gesture of friendship, or a burst of encouragement, tulips have the ability to convey emotions in a graceful and captivating manner. Their beauty and meaning intertwine, transforming a simple gift into a powerful symbol. So the next time you seek to express your emotions, consider the language of tulips and let their vibrant petals speak from the heart.Whether you choose a single color or a mix of these stunning hues, the Tulip Garden will bring an instant burst of life to any space it graces. The elegant simplicity of this arrangement makes it suitable for any occasion, adding a touch of sophistication and beauty to birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a charming surprise on an ordinary day.

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Flower Care Tips

Tulip flower care tips to get the most out of your arrangements:

1 – Begin with the Correct Vase
Tulips will continue to grow for up to 5 cm after being cut. As a result, a vase that is half the height of the stems is an ideal option since it allows them to expand out. If you're looking to arrange tulips in a spherical vase, give the stems a regular cut to keep them from drooping.

2 – Tulips need plenty of fresh water!
Tulips require a lot of water to stay bright and cheerful, so fill your vase to about three-quarters full. Tulips get very thirsty, so keep your eye on their water level. Change the water every two days to keep them looking their best. You can also try adding flower food to the water to help them live longer.

3 – Trim the Stems
Cut the stems of your tulips on an angle to allow them to continue growing in the vase. When you change the water every two days, the stems will function like straws, drinking the water and stimulating new growth.

4 – Avoid Heavy Sun Exposure
Tulips grow and open in response to the amount of sunshine they receive; but, give them too much once the flowers open, and they will wilt quickly. Because of this, it's best to keep them where they won't be subjected to direct heat or sunlight.